A Complete Guide To Bags in New World MMORPG

Bags are crucial items in the New World MMORPG that allow players to carry and store various resources and items that they find as they explore the game world. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about bags in New World, from how to obtain them and their different types to tips on managing bag space efficiently.

Obtaining Bags:

Players can obtain bags through various means such as quests, crafting, faction rewards, or looting them from enemies. Almost every town has a merchant who sells bags of different sizes with increasing storage capacity but at higher prices. Players also have the option of crafting their own bags if they have enough resources and access to a crafting station.

Types of Bags:

There are several types of bags available in New World depending on their storage capacity:

— Small Bag: 20 Slots
— Medium Bag: 30 Slots
— Large Bag: 40 Slots

Specialty Bags:

In addition to basic types of bags, there are various specialty bags as well.

Herb Pouch: provides extra space for gathering materials related to Herbalism.
Mining Satchel: provides extra space for gathering materials related to Mining.
Skinning Knife Sheath : provides extra space for gathering materials related Skinners.

Tips on Managing your Bags Efficiently:

1) Always keep an eye out for larger capacity bag upgrades.

2) Store similar items together in your bag so you can quickly find what you need when needed.

3) Sell or dispose of unwanted items regularly like low-level gear that is no longer useful.

4) Make use of banks located across settlements. Banks offer shared storage spaces between characters created by a player account

5) Consider using specialized pouches (herb pouches or mining satchels )to free up slots from your primary backpack.

6) Try not carry unnecessary resources while exploring – stock up before starting long trips.

7 ) Ensure all crafting materials are stored in the same bag to find them quickly and efficiently.

8 ) Use your Trade Skill storage – players can utilize a separate storage for resources collected related to trade skills.

Final Thought:

Bags play an essential role in New World, so it’s crucial to manage them efficiently for a smoother gaming experience. By investing in larger bags, organizing items wisely, and making use of the specialty bags available, anyone can efficiently store their precious loot! It is always important to remember that having the right bag type is equally important as well – herbalists should carry an herb pouch while miners should try using mining satchels rather than carrying those items on primary backpacks. With these tips and tricks and understanding of what each bag does you‘re well on your way becoming a master packer in New World.


This is a very informative guide on bags in New World. The article covers all the different types of bags available in the game and how to obtain them. It also provides useful tips on how to manage your bag space effectively. I found this guide very helpful and would recommend it to any New World player.
I really enjoyed reading this guide on bags in New World. The author has done a great job of explaining everything you need to know about bags, from how to obtain them to how to manage your bag space. The tips provided in the article are practical and easy to follow, and the writing style is engaging and informative. Overall, a great resource for any New World player!
Great guide for New World players! This article provides comprehensive information about bags in the game, from how to obtain them to tips on managing bag space efficiently. The article is well-structured and easy to read, making it a valuable resource for both new and experienced players.

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