Attributes Guide in New World MMORPG

In the newly released MMORPG, New World, players are able to customize their characters with a variety of attributes. These attributes can greatly impact a player’s gameplay experience. In this guide, we will go over each attribute and its significance in the game.

Strength – This attribute affects how much damage a player will deal with melee attacks, as well as how much weight they can carry without being encumbered. Strength also influences how effective a player is at harvesting resources.

Dexterity – Dexterity plays an important role in ranged combat and critical strikes. It also affects the speed at which players can dodge attacks and perform traversal moves such as rolling or vaulting.

Intelligence – The intelligence attribute determines the effectiveness of magic spells cast by players. It also enhances your ability to craft items and increases your resistance to magical attacks.

Focus – Focus improves your mana pool and makes you better at using ranged weapons like bows or muskets which use mana abilities instead of basic projectiles. In addition, focus increases the effectiveness of healing spells both for yourself and other party members.

Constitution – Constitution is directly related to health points (HP) for characters; it determines how quickly health regenerates over time after combat encounters have been resolved.

Charisma — Charisma represents how effective your character is with social interactions such as trading with NPCs and communicating within guilds

Every character has 15 points that can be allocated among these six attributes during character creation or leveling up — so it’s crucial that players choose wisely depending on their style of play!

In New World MMORPG each playing style necessitates different combinations of these attributes, one strategy could include investing heavily into strength if you like close-quarters combat such as sword fighting or axe throwing whereas dexterity-based playing will benefit more from consecutive tackles where speed is key.

It’s important not to ignore any single attribute because every little detail counts in gameplay strategy. Experimentation and player preference are key elements when balancing attribute allocations in New World MMORPG.

Remember that by trying different combinations of these attributes, you’re able to create a unique playstyle customized for your character. So don’t be afraid to mix things up!


As a seasoned player of New World, I found this guide to be a great refresher on the importance of each attribute. The information presented is accurate and up-to-date with the current version of the game. I would highly recommend this guide to both new and experienced players alike.
This guide is extremely helpful for new players who are just starting out in New World. The breakdown of each attribute and its significance in the game is clear and concise. I especially appreciate the explanation of how Strength affects a player
I found this guide to be very informative and well-written. The author does a great job of explaining each attribute in a way that is easy to understand. The inclusion of how Strength affects weight capacity is particularly helpful. Overall, a great resource for anyone looking to optimize their character build in New World.

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