Azoth Spring in New World MMORPG

Azoth Spring is one of the many resources available in the popular MMORPG game, New World. It is a valuable resource sought after by players who want to progress and become stronger in the game. In this article, we will explore what Azoth Spring is, how it is obtained, and its uses.

What is Azoth Spring?

Azoth Spring is a rare resource found in the world of New World that players can use to improve their character’s abilities and skills. It functions as an energy source that enables magical powers and allows players to craft or upgrade certain items.

How to obtain Azoth Spring?

Players can obtain Azoth Spring through various ways. One way to acquire it is by harvesting it directly from Azoth Nodes found around Aeternum Island. These nodes are scattered throughout different zones and require players to have high-level gathering skills such as Mining or Logging.

Another method for obtaining Azoth Springs involves participating in activities such as Expeditions or Invasions, where you can acquire them as rewards for completing objectives. Players also have the opportunity of purchasing them with real money from Amazon Game Studios for convenience and ease.

Uses of Azoth Spring

The most common use of Azoth spring among players involves trading it with other resources such as gold coinage or weapons shop materials at trading posts located throughout Aeternum Island’s settlement regions. This transaction system enables guilds, groups, individual buyers/sellers to barter these precious items while saving up their collection reserves over time; however one should keep eye on market fluctuations which may lead due supply-demand constraints.

Additionally, another way that these springs are utilized include upgrading gear enchantments via re-rolling stats upgrades through crafting benches by spending varying amounts depending on material type at enchanting stations located within towns which takes your crafted item’s attributes to next level making it significant power-upgrading experience elements adding raw essence.


In conclusion ,Azooth Spring is a rare yet valuable resource in New World that players can use to enhance their character abilities and skills. To acquire it, players can harvest it from Azoth Nodes, get rewards by participating in Expeditions or Invasions, or purchase them via real money transactions. The use of Azooth Springs includes trading with other resources and upgrading gear enchantments through crafting benches resulting in significant power-upgrading elements adding raw essence ultimately making the game enjoying experience.


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