Best Starter Weapon Type in New World MMORPG

Selecting the best starter weapon type in New World MMORPG is of utmost importance as it defines how well you will fare against enemies and complete quests in the game. With a wide range of weaponry available, it can be daunting to make an informed decision.

According to many players and experts, one of the best starter weapon types is the Sword and Shield. This combination offers a perfect balance between offense and defense. You can engage in close combat with enemies while also having a defensive backup when it’s required.

The sword allows you to dish out quick damage with swift movements, while your shield provides you with adequate protection from enemy attacks. You are also equipped with several skills that deal significant damage and knockback effects which prevent enemy attack chains from successfully hitting you.

Furthermore, this starter weapon type is versatile for multiple playstyles. As players progress through levels in New World MMORPG gaining new skills or abilities along their chosen paths like tanking or DPS specs will greatly benefit from using a sword-and-shield combo at early game setups.

However, it all down to individual preferences on gameplay styles and classes chosen by players before deciding on what weapon suits them for beginners’ tasks or quests they intend to achieve during gameplay.

Regardless of your choice, keep honing your craft by practicing often so that you become more efficient when wielding any weapons available during progressions as different situations require unique actions suited per every encounter!

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Another great starter weapon type is the Musket. This ranged weapon allows you to take down enemies from a safe distance while also dealing high damage. It requires a bit of skill and precision, but once mastered, it can be incredibly effective.

The Musket’s long-range capabilities are perfect for players who prefer to stay back and observe their surroundings before engaging in combat. You can use your range advantage to pick off enemies from afar or support allies engaged in melee combat by taking out targets at medium distances.

Choose this if you are interested in playing as an artilleryman/hunt person character that excels at picking off hostile creatures with high accuracy from afar or assisting teammates when they get overwhelmed by enemy forces.

Another excellent choice among the starter weapons is the Hatchet. The Hatchet offers a unique playstyle that emphasizes on brute force over finesse, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage up close.

This potent combination enables the Hatchet user to move quickly amidst battle situations with increased mobility and perform devastating strikes which will stagger foes and remove some defensive benefits against them equally suiting solo/multiplayer engagements!

Overall whatever starter weapon types that new players select during account creations provide an exciting gaming experience based on individual preferences of gameplay styles such as tanking, DPS-oriented actions such as muscle-bound ferocity favored by players who select hatchets!

Still unsure? Try all three! Experimentation is key when starting any MMORPG journey. Find what suits your fighting style best through experimenting with available weaponry options along quests given during tutorial progressions!


I think that the article provides a great overview of the best starter weapon types in New World MMORPG. However, I believe that it ultimately depends on the player
I have to say that I disagree with this article. While the Sword and Shield combination is a good choice, I think that the Hatchet is the best starter weapon type in New World MMORPG. It offers a great deal of damage and speed, which is perfect for beginners who want to take down enemies quickly. I found it very helpful when I started playing the game.
I completely agree with this article. The Sword and Shield combination is a great choice for beginners in New World MMORPG. It provides a good balance between offense and defense, making it easier to tackle enemies and complete quests. I found it very useful and effective when I first started playing the game.

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