Best Tank in New World MMORPG

In New World MMORPG, players have the choice of playing a variety of roles and classes including tanks. Tanks have an important role in protecting the team by absorbing the damage dealt by enemies and drawing their attention away from more vulnerable allies. Choosing the best tank in New World can greatly impact a team’s chances of success in combat.

There are three main tanks to choose from in New World: Sentinel, Paladin, and Void Gauntlet Tank.

Sentinel Tank:
The Sentinel is known for its heavy armor which provides excellent protection against damage. They are also equipped with a shield that can be used to block incoming attacks or bash enemies for additional damage. The Sentinel’s skills allow them to Taunt enemies, reducing the amount of damage that allies receive and drawing enemy fire towards themselves. Additionally, Sentinels have skills that allow them to buff their allies with various defensive bonuses such as increased health regeneration.

Paladin Tank:
The Paladin is another excellent choice for players who prefer tanking roles. Paladins are great at mitigating magic-based attacks due to their light-armor specialization which provides resistance against magical elements. Their shields provide decent block ratings that can be augmented further with specific abilities geared towards blocking enemy attacks while maintaining threat on multiple targets.

Void Gauntlet Tank:
For players who like magical-tanking abilities over physical armour and shields then Void Gauntlet would be suitable class as it provides strong self sustain options through life drain effects while simultaneously outputting high amounts of crowd control (CC) through pure magic spells such as Gravitational Pull and Planetary Attraction.

Ultimately, choosing between these three tanks will depend on individual playstyle preferences as all have distinct strengths but all performed well when put to good use especially if paired together with other supports class within party making them not impossible but very hard target to down by any PvE encounters they might come against in-game.
This ensures maximum survivability which leads to successful raids, dungeons and arena runs.

In conclusion the decision on choosing the best tank for you will fundamentally depend as mentioned on how you prefer to play but as long as your group has a solid understanding of each other’s roles within game then whatever choice you make would likely generate good results in the end.


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