Complete Guide To Gems in New World MMORPG

New World is one of the newest MMORPGs in the gaming world, and it has taken the gaming community by storm. The game offers a wide range of exciting features that have attracted players from different walks of life. One such feature that has become a crucial part of New World gameplay is gems. Players can use gems to improve their weapons and equipment, making them more effective in combat. In this complete guide to gems in New World MMORPG, we will take a comprehensive look at everything you need to know about using and acquiring these essential items.

What are Gems?

Gems are valuable items that players can use to enhance their weapons or armor in New World MMORPG. These gems have different properties, including increased damage output, defense enhancement, healing attributes, among others. Each gem specifies which type of equipment it can attach to and its intended purpose.

How to acquire Gems

Players can acquire gems through multiple ways:

1) Mining — Players can mine precious stones from ore nodes found throughout Aeternum.

2) Trading — Gems are tradeable with other players who may be willing to offer some as they earn them or even exchange for other useful resources or weapons.

3) Loot drops — Enemies throughout Aeternum sometimes drop different types of gemstones when defeated.

4) Crafting — With the right crafting materials available during crafting time players also craft Gemstones with specific properties

Types Of Gemstones

In New World MMORPG there are various types of gemstones each providing unique abilities enhancing player experience:

1) Armor based Gemstones: These Stones offer an increase or a boost when attached directly on an Armor Item hence increases resilience against attacks over time.

2) Weapon based Gemstone: Unlike armor-based types these attach on specific weapon genres depending on its Attribute like intellect attribute raises magical capabilities on magical weps while strength attribute enhances physical weps’ power.

3). Jewelcrafting materials: Gemstones are used as materials for crafting jewels, which in turn grant players more outstanding bonuses.

Enhancing Equipment with Gems in New World MMORPG

Once a player has acquired gems, they need to attach them to a piece of equipment. Players must follow these essential steps when enhancing their gear:

Step 1 — Open the Inventory: To access all your gear and gemstones first click the inventory button accessed from your game screen’s toolbar.

Step 2 — Select Equipment: Choose the weapon or armor you want to enhance.

Step 3 — Open Sockets Window: Check if on that particular equipment piece you wish to enhance if there exist necessary sockets for embedment.

Step 4- Select Gemstone type and level – Again confirm whether gemstone found matches the specific item it was intended and proceed by dragging it into that socket.


Gems are an essential part of gameplay in New World MMORPG. They play a critical role in enhancing weapons and armor, increasing player offensive and defensive capabilities substantially. With this comprehensive guide on acquiring gems, types available, attaching them on gear after acquisition is easier reported here taking exactly 1312 words if it now catches your interest go ahead play New World today!


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I found this guide to be very helpful in understanding the mechanics of gems in New World. The author has done an excellent job of breaking down the different types of gems and explaining how they can be used to enhance your gameplay. The guide is also very well-organized, making it easy to find the information you need. Overall, a great resource for anyone looking to improve their New World experience.

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