Cooking Recipes Crafting Schematics in New World MMORPG

The New World MMORPG offers a vast world of exploration and adventure, but it also has some unique features that can enhance your gaming experience. One such feature is the ability to cook various dishes and craft items using schematics. This guide will provide an overview of cooking recipes and crafting schematics in the game.

Cooking Recipes:
In New World, you have a cooking skill level that determines the types of recipes available to you. To increase your cooking skill, you need to cook different dishes using ingredients collected from various sources such as gathering nodes across the map or by completing quests.

There are three categories of recipes in New World: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Basic recipes require few ingredients while intermediate and advanced require more complex combinations of ingredients.

Cooking also provides long-lasting buffs that can be helpful while exploring or doing other activities in-game. Examples include increased health regeneration or increased damage against certain types of enemies.

Crafting Schematics:
Schematics are plans for creating weapons, armors, tools, furniture items in the game through crafting stations located at settlements across the map dependent on your progress rate. Like cooking recipes, they are divided into basic or advanced categories with respective difficulty levels for their item’s creation.

To craft an item using a schematic requires specific resources – these may vary depending on what items you wish to craft! Gather necessary raw materials like wood logs from nearby trees around settlement areas where these stations reside which could help achieve this task faster than usual gameplay crafting methods!

Crafting provides players with higher-quality gear and weapons than those obtained through quest rewards etc., resulting producing warrior veterans with exceptional strength over ordinary ones — increasing weaknesses within competitive multiplayer environments due time-consuming task required here though; advantageous results possible upon hardworking determination needed him/her achieving their desired outcomes

Cooking Recipes Crafting Schematics provide players ample opportunities for customization via player’s creativity despite seeming insignificant methods used playstyle preference requirements. By following the guidelines about cooking and crafting, you will be able to create unique items that give you the edge in combat or exploration throughout the New World MMORPG.


Great guide for cooking and crafting in New World! As a player who loves to explore and try new things, I found this guide to be very helpful. It provided a clear overview of the cooking recipes and crafting schematics in the game, and I appreciated the tips on how to increase my cooking skill level. Overall, a well-written and informative article.
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I enjoyed reading this article about cooking and crafting in New World. The author did a great job of explaining the different features and how they can enhance your gaming experience. I particularly liked the section on crafting schematics, as it gave me a better understanding of how to create new items in the game. Overall, a very informative and engaging read.

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