Crafting Components in New World MMORPG

Crafting is an essential aspect of gameplay in New World MMORPG. There are various materials and components that players can use to craft weapons, armor, potions, and other useful items. In this article, we will discuss the different crafting components in New World MMORPG.

One of the most important crafting components in New World is raw materials. These are resources that players can gather from the environment using tools such as pickaxes and hatchets. Examples of raw materials include ore (iron, silver, gold), wood (oak, maple), fibers (flax, hemp), herbs (valerian root), gems (amber). Players can gather these resources by interacting with nodes scattered throughout the game world.

Another important component for crafting is refining materials. These are items that players use to convert raw materials into more usable forms before they can be crafted into final products. Examples of refining tools include smelting furnace or woodworking station which refine ores or wood respectively.

Next up are additives — these are special ingredients used to enhance crafted products or grant certain bonuses. For example imbuing air essence grants a weapon movement speed bonus while imbuing fire essence would make it deal additional damage over time effects upon critical hits.

Furthermore each craft has its own respective list of components required to complete it which includes basic requirements like fuel for cooking recipes while some require rare ingredients like Runestones which give special abilities during battles if inscribed on weapons or armor pieces.

There’s also gear score — a numerical value assigned to gear based on their rarity and quality level which represents their overall power level in combat scenarios usually ranging from 1-600 . Crafting high GS gear requires players to use high rarity/craftsmanship raw material combinations aided additionally by adequate skill levels attributes.

In conclusion crafting components play a crucial role in building powerful equipment and consumables beneficial for all professions across all levels within New World MMORPG’s vast open world, offering ample opportunities to experiment and find your desired playstyle.

In addition to the above-mentioned crafting components, there are also special crafting stations and tools that players can use to create specific items. For example, a loom is used for weaving fibers into cloth while an alchemy table is used for creating potions and other magical elixirs.

Crafting in New World isn’t just about making powerful gear or consumables but it plays an important role in the economy too. Players can sell their crafted goods on markets or trade them with other players. This allows crafters to earn money as well as fulfill the needs of those who don’t have time or resources to gather materials themselves.

To craft successfully, players need not only access to raw materials but also sufficient knowledge about various crafting processes such as mixing objects together perfectly by using certain amount of recipes accordingly, tempering them correctly so they have maximum durability potency while keeping its original properties intact without weakening effects as much as possible before finalizing it which greatly impact overall strength and usefulness at combat.

It’s worth mentioning that crafting isn’t something that can be mastered overnight — it requires dedication, patience and practice. Moreover repeating same kind of recipe numerous times unlocks better versions eventually (based on success % rate) allowing for very attractive rewards once learned properly offering benefits like extra stat bonuses based on rarity level attained for crafted item types , higher enchantment chances than lower tiers usually achieved via Runestones among other useful boons enhancing characters’ power over competitors even further.

All in all Crafting in New World MMORPG offers a vast landscape filled with possibilities where players encounter new challenges at every step while unlocking interesting abilities giving you freedom to play how you want whether solo casual player looking for a relaxing experience, team player helping friends progress faster or competitively testing your mettle against others showing everyone why you’re truly the best!


This article is very informative for players who are new to New World MMORPG. It provides a clear explanation of the different crafting components available in the game. I found the section on raw materials particularly helpful, as it explained how players can gather resources from the environment using tools like pickaxes and hatchets. Overall, a great read for anyone looking to improve their crafting skills in New World.
As an experienced player of New World MMORPG, I found this article to be a helpful refresher on the different crafting components available in the game. The author has done a great job of explaining the different types of materials that players can use to craft items, including raw materials, rare materials, and components. I also appreciated the tips on how to obtain rare materials, which can be challenging to find. Overall, a well-written and informative article.
I enjoyed reading this article on crafting components in New World MMORPG. The author has done a great job of explaining the different materials that players can use to craft weapons, armor, and potions. I especially appreciated the section on rare materials, which described how players can obtain these valuable resources through quests and other means. I would definitely recommend this article to anyone who is interested in crafting in New World.

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