Great Axes in New World MMORPG

New World MMORPG is an exciting game that offers players many weapons to combat their enemies. One of the most popular types of weapons among players is the Great Axe. With its huge range and devastating attack power, it’s no wonder that many players opt for this weapon.

The Great Axe, as its name implies, is a massive two-handed weapon that can dish out some serious damage. It has a longer range than many other melee weapons and can deliver sweeping blows that hit multiple targets at once in a wide area of effect.

One important thing to keep in mind when using the Great Axe is its weight. The sheer size and heftiness make it difficult to use effectively for extended periods unless you invest points in Strength attributes or manage your stamina usage skillfully.

Another key advantage of using this weapon is its ability to knock down enemies who are blocking with their shields. This move enables players to land additional hits on vulnerable foes quickly.

Furthermore, the variety of attack abilities available with this weapon allows players to mix up their tactics during combat actively. Players can deliver swift spinning attacks or powerful overhead strikes depending on different scenarios, making it possible for them always have an ace up their sleeve when things get tough.

In conclusion, if you prioritize mobility and speed over raw power or durability in combat then great axe might not be your best choice since using it demands mastery over timing as well as advanced techniques like combo chains—potentially draining stamina pools while compromising on flexibility too much at times — But if you’re patient enough willing to put extra effort into learning about how best wielded perform deadly moves against multiple enemies simultaneously then equipping one would be worth considering!

As with any weapon in New World MMORPG, players can add different types of gems to their Great Axe to enhance its overall performance. These gems have various effects such as increased critical hit chance or adding additional elemental damage. Finding the right combination of gems for your Great Axe can make all the difference during combat.

One thing that sets the Great Axe apart from other weapons is its ability to deal massive amounts of damage quickly while requiring relatively low skill and finesse from the player. The sweeping, crowd-controlling strikes it delivers typically hit multiple enemies at once and cause significant chunks out of health bars—making the weapon an excellent choice for both solo play large scale PVP confrontations inside dungeons like Myrkgard dungeon.

The primary drawback when using a Great Axe is that players must invest a considerable amount of stat points into Strength attributes rather than investing them in other areas such as Agility or Intelligence—which are useful stats for players who rely heavily on ranged attacks or magic spells.

In PvP battles, wielding a great axe becomes more challenging since you need precise timing coupled with greater prediction skills necessary due to delays enemies may create by dodging away suddenly becoming harder hits land successfully against them — particularly if they happen quick enough (which takes both practice patience). Still, properly used in team cooperation; it’s highly effective at breaking up groups charging towards mates who possess lower output weapons deals ineffective damaging abilities excessively beforehand wiping out groups without getting hit often.

In conclusion, though using this massive weapon demands some expertise over basic mechanics compared to simple builds reliant upon upgraded swords usage alone—bringing potentially satisfying rewards shortly thereafter (considering just how devastatingly powerful two-handed axes become when wielded optimally); many beginners may find themselves benefiting from utilizing something they’ve already learned well before branching off experimenting later down onto things like hammers or fire staffs instead unless wanting challenge oneself further!


I have been playing New World MMORPG for a while now, and I must say that the Great Axe is one of my favorite weapons. It is a powerful weapon that can take down multiple enemies at once. The range of the Great Axe is impressive, and it allows me to keep my distance from my enemies while still dealing massive damage. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to play an exciting game.
The Great Axe is a must-have weapon for any player who wants to dominate their enemies in New World MMORPG. It has a long range and can hit multiple targets at once, making it perfect for taking on large groups of enemies. The Great Axe is also very powerful, and it can deal massive damage to even the toughest enemies. Overall, I highly recommend the Great Axe to anyone who wants to play an exciting and challenging game.
The Great Axe is a fantastic weapon that is perfect for players who want to deal a lot of damage quickly. It is a two-handed weapon that requires some skill to use effectively, but once you get the hang of it, it can be devastating. The sweeping blows of the Great Axe can take out multiple enemies at once, making it an excellent choice for players who like to take on large groups of enemies.

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