How Long Is the AFK Timer? in New World MMORPG

In the New World MMORPG, players often find themselves in moments when they need to step away from their device for a brief period. However, leaving your character idle for too long will trigger the AFK timer, which can result in unfavourable consequences. The length of the AFK timer has been a topic of discussion among players, and this article aims to provide clarity on the matter.

The AFK (Away From Keyboard) timer in New World is set at 10 minutes. Once a player leaves their character inactive for 10 minutes or more, they will receive a warning message indicating that they are about to be kicked out of the game due to being AFK. This warning message pops up five seconds before being kicked out and gives players an opportunity to move around or perform any action that will prevent them from getting kicked out.

It’s essential to note that being away from keyboard doesn’t only mean not moving your character but also remaining completely inactive without interacting with any objects or other players in-game. It’s advisable not only to move around every few minutes but also chat with other players while you’re away if you need more time before eventually going AFK.

Another important aspect that every player should bear in mind is that there are some certain areas within the game where you can’t even go idle for one minute without receiving such warnings. These areas include; town projects boards and quest givers.

One significant consequence of getting kicked out due to being idled is losing your current progress; this could involve losing track of ongoing battles, dropped items/loot as well as quests progression if during being idle enemies spawn and cause damage resulting into death once back online just as example

In conclusion, it’s crucial for New World MMORPG players always — stay active periodically throughout gameplay; otherwise risking losing all their progress due by interrupt by triggered-activated-away-from-keyboard penalty/removal prompts.


One way players can avoid being AFK for extended periods is by using the game’s rest system. Players can initiate rest mode by finding a campfire or an inn and interacting with it. Once in rest mode, the player character will automatically start regenerating health and mana/stamina, making it an ideal time to step away from the keyboard.

It’s worth noting that while in rest mode, your character won’t be affected by any external factors, such as enemy attacks or other player interactions. However, if you’re resting outside of a safe area like a town or outpost, there’s still a chance that monsters could wander over and attack you.

Another option for avoiding the AFK timer is to join up with other players and perform activities together. Group quests and expeditions require all members to be active participants throughout the gameplay session actively. By teaming up with others on these missions, each member gets more leeway when taking breaks cause other teammates are left to cover/guard them standing-in/between battles when they resume back after break-time/lull period has ended.

Finally, if you do need to take an extended break from New World MMORPG gameplay aside from what have been priorly stated above then its best logout fully once ready/finished instead of going idle /AFK within-game so as not risk getting kicked/gated Out due inactivity

In summary; avoiding being auto-kicked out from idling because of going away (AFK) pertains continuous periodic involvement of operation within-gameplay alongside taking full advantage/use of available tools including but not limited Rest Mode , group quest participation Joining Expeditions groups while also minding warning prompts against idling more than ten minutes also important factor too


Great article! As a New World player, I have often wondered about the AFK timer and its consequences. This article provides a clear explanation of how the timer works and what happens when it runs out. It
This article is a must-read for all New World players. It
I found this article to be very useful, especially as a new player to New World. The AFK timer is something that I was not aware of, and I appreciate the explanation provided in this article. The fact that the timer is set at 10 minutes is reasonable, and it

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