How to Get Azoth in New World MMORPG

Azoth is a valuable resource in the New World MMORPG that serves as a form of currency and an essential component for leveling up your character and crafting items. Players can obtain Azoth through various methods, including completing quests, harvesting resources, and participating in PvP battles. Here are some tips on how to get Azoth in New World.

1. Complete Main Quests and Faction Missions — By playing through the main storyline quests of New World, players gain significant amounts of Azoth as a reward for their efforts. Faction missions also offer ample rewards upon completion which includes substantial quantities of Azoth.

2. Harvest Resources — Gathering resources such as mining nodes/minerals, bushes/herbs or killing certain creatures grant Azoth too! These resources can be found all throughout the world map, so make sure to explore new areas frequently.

3. Participate in Expeditions — Expeditions serve as dungeons where players team up with other adventurers to complete challenging tasks together while earning significant rewards such as rare items or equipment enhancements along with considerable amounts of Azoth after each run!

4. Engage in PvP battles — Participating in Player vs Player mode will offer you rewards such as chests containing weapons and armor pieces that may grant useful buffs along with stacks of azoth upon opening them.

5. Sell Unwanted Items – Selling unwanted items like weapons or equipment will give azoth too along with some gold coins which you can use later if you need them!

In conclusion, there are many ways to obtain azoth within the game while exploring different areas it is good practice to stop by vendors from time-to-time see what individuals might have for sale inside their respective marketplaces offering alternative methods for obtaining this item rather than relying solely on questing/grinding!

6. Salvage Items — Salvaging items that you no longer need is another way to earn Azoth in New World. Head to a crafting station or use an Azoth Infusion perk on your character to get the most out of salvaging.

7. Participate in Invasions — Invasions are large-scale PvE events where players defend their settlements against waves of enemy forces. Successfully completing an invasion will award players with a significant amount of Azoth, making it worthwhile to participate whenever possible.

8. Trade with Other Players — If you have extra resources, weapons, or gear that other players might be interested in purchasing, consider trading them for Azoth instead of gold coins.

9. Level Up Your Character and Crafting Skills — As you level up your character and crafting skills, you’ll unlock new ways to obtain Azoth through quests and recipes that require this valuable resource.

10. Use Expeditions Efficiently — When running expeditions make sure to complete the optional objectives as these offer more rewawards including stacks of azoth upon completion apart from any dropped loot!

11.Explore the World Thoroughly –There are hidden treasures located throughout Aeternum which offer excellent rewards upon discovery such as rare weapons, armour pieces along considerable amounts of azoth included too! Do not hesitate to take risks while gathing materials during exploration sometimes beyond horizons lie unaccounted riches!

12.Complete Territory Projects – Completing territory projects grants various rewards (including substantial quantities of azoth)and contribution tokens that allow you buy additional perks while stationed in any settlement occupied by your faction so unlocking new features making gameplay refreshing each time!


Great article! As a New World player, I found this article very helpful in understanding the importance of Azoth in the game. The tips provided are practical and easy to follow. I especially appreciate the emphasis on completing main quests and faction missions as a way to earn Azoth. Keep up the good work!
I am new to New World, and this article was an eye-opener on the importance of Azoth in the game. The tips provided are practical and easy to implement, and I have already started using them to earn Azoth. I appreciate the detailed explanation of how Azoth works in crafting and leveling up characters. This is a great article for anyone starting in New World and looking to understand how to get Azoth.
I have been playing New World for a while now, and I can attest that Azoth is an essential resource in the game. This article provides useful insights on how to get Azoth, and I found the tips to be spot on. I particularly liked the suggestion to participate in PvP battles as a way of earning Azoth. Overall, this is a well-written and informative article that I would recommend to any New World player.

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