How To Get More Petrified Wood in New World MMORPG

Petrified wood is one of the essential materials in New World MMORPG that players use to craft various tools, weapons and other items. The game requires you to collect a considerable amount of this resource so that you can unlock better and more powerful items.

Here are some tips on how to get more petrified wood in New World MMORPG:

1. Farming Petrified Wood Resources: Explore the game’s map while keeping an eye out for petrified trees distributed throughout its regions. You need to harvest these trees using logging axes, which drop raw materials such as rough timber and petrified wood when chopped down.

2. Focus on Elite Mobs: Some creatures have a higher chance of dropping valuable resources like petrified wood or hard resin. These elite mobs include named monsters, bosses, or rare variants found across the world’s different regions. Players can also earn additional loot by joining registered player guilds or participating in group activities across the game’s territories.

3. Trade with Other players: Join up with other players who might be interested in trading their excess resources for petrified woods.

4. Complete Quests Awarding Petrified Wood Rewards: Various quests offer rewards upon completion; these rewards may include rough timbers or even stacks of pre-cut petrified woods usable immediately for crafting different tools, weapons etc..

5. Keep an Eye Out During Expeditions: Expeditions are group activities that challenge your team through dungeon exploration against powerful enemies and challenging quests; here you might find hidden caches providing extra resources like petrol-fied logs despite not appearing on maps.

In conclusion, finding Petrol Fled Wood takes effort and hard work; keep at it by farmiga differtnt Activities And places across New World MMORPG until you get desired amounts required for crafting advanced gears!

6. Use Gathering Gear: Equip gathering gear that boosts your ability to harvest resources efficiently, making it easier for you to gather petrified wood quickly.

7. Participate in Invasions: Invasions are massive group events where players battle against waves of invading enemies, and while participating players can receive petrified woods as rewards for their efforts.

8. Check the Trading Post: The game’s trading post offers various materials found across different regions; you might find people selling large amounts of petrified wood at reasonable prices.

9. Check Lower Level Regions: Players tend to focus more on high-level areas and overlook lower-level regions. However, these low-level areas offer abundant supplies of resources like Petrified Wood since many higher-leveled players bypass them.

10. Join a Company or Faction With an Area Focus: Companies or factions often focus on specific areas within the game, and they may have designated forest land where they specialize in gathering resources such as Petrified Wood collectively with other members.

In summary, obtaining robust quantities of petrified wood requires puting efforts into various activities throughout the New World MMORPG world.You need to spend time farming logs from trees spread outskirt from maps embedded with Elite Marks.Most importantly work together with others even by joining a group event or a company dedicated to resource gathering in wooded regions perhaps yielding significant amount instead of going solo.Another way is by equipping yourself with specialized equipment if available which boosts efficient harvesting.Try getting advanced versions through crafting using ready-made stacks rewarded from completing quests.Therefore success comes down pursuing several approaches revolving around exploring different parts despite requiring dedication but worth it once equipped better gear unlocking new possibilities!


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