How To Increase Storage Space in New World MMORPG

New World MMORPG is an exciting game that has captured the hearts of many gamers. However, as you progress in the game and acquire more items and gear, you may start to run out of storage space. Here are some tips on how to increase your storage space in New World MMORPG:

1. Upgrade Your Storage Shed – In New World MMORPG, every settlement has a Storage Shed where players can store their items and gear. Upgrading your Storage Shed will increase its capacity and allow you to store more items.

2. Craft Storage Chests – You can also craft your own Storage Chests using Carpentry skill that provides additional storage space for your character. You can place them anywhere (from within a building), which makes it convenient to have chest wherever required.

3. Salvage Unwanted Items — Unsual unwanted items like extra armor or weapons in inventory can be salvaged when not needed any longer giving back some valuable inventory slots.

4. Trade with Other Players — Another way you can increase your storage space is by trading with other players who may have extra storage chests or shed access.

5 . Create Alternate Characters — Lastly but most important tip is that creating alternate characters allows you to gain extra stash spaces as well as transfer goods from one character’s stash through world-wide accumulated wealth that each character collects throughout their journey .

By following these tips, you should be able to maximize your storage space in New World MMORPG giving yourself generous room for expansion allowing for maximum growth during gameplay advancement without being bogged down by limited options provided upon starting out on the new adventure.

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6. Use Bank Vaults – Apart from Storage Sheds and Chests, you can also use Bank Vaults in settlements to store your items. While the storage space provided by bank vaults is limited, it is still a useful option when you need more storage space.

7. Keep Your Inventory Clean – It’s important to keep your inventory organized and clean by removing unnecessary items regularly. Unwanted items can be either sold or salvaged for crafting materials, freeing up valuable storage space.

8. Upgrade Your Backpack — Upgrading your backpack will allow you to carry more items with you while exploring and hunting in the game world. Better backpacks can be crafted using Leatherworking skill.

9. Join Groups Or Companies – Being part of a group or company in New World MMORPG allows players access to shared resources like storages that belong to them providing limitless increase room for storing their goods safely as well as creating groups between bases each with its own specialty focuses allowing for spreading out gear dependance between multiple specialised bases units.

In conclusion, proper management of storage is crucial in ensuring smooth gameplay experience in New World MMORPG where item gathering are central action within adventures an loads of rewards often making having ample space available much rewarding overall thus applying any combination of these tips above should help increase one’s ability at storing all necessary resources during long term game engagements giving needed convenience towards expedition success guaranteeing enjoyable adventuring enjoyment throughout this epic journey ahead!


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