How to Play With Friends in New World MMORPG

Playing MMORPG games can be fun and exciting, especially when you are playing with friends. New World MMORPG is no exception. In this game, players can complete quests, battle enemies, explore new territories and dive into the world of supernatural creatures. Playing with friends in this game can enhance your gaming experience beyond measure. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play with friends in New World MMORPG.

Step 1: Create a Company

The first step is to create a company in the game as it enables players to join together as one unit with shared goals and resources. To create the company, open the menu tab and select ‘Company’. Next, select ‘Create Company’ from the dropdown menu and then fill out necessary information such as company name (e.g., Red Phoenix), tagline (e.g., We Rise Together), and so on.

Step 2: Invite Friends

Once you have created a company, invite your friends by clicking on their character name or opening up your friend’s list via pressing «O». This will prompt an option to invite them to join your company; send them a request by clicking their name.

After accepting your invitation successfully they would become part of that session where everyone gains benefits of being in the same group like finishing quests together or sharing XP boost.

Step 3: Joining Each Other’s Session

Once all members are online you need to decide whose session will be used for playing next or if there will be any preference order for it beforehand then inform everyone accordingly so they could come prepared before joining each other’s sessions through clicking on their characther picture then selecting Join now button that will appear next after hovering over it.

Step 4: Finding Common Quests

As most members would have varying quest progressions one way around this problem -if found amongst group- could be finding common quests done simultaneously which might help gain more advantages. A person can ask their group about current quests and let other people know their present quest line progressions so everyone knows where to share a hand.

Step 5: Playing the Game!

Once you have joined each other’s sessions, it’s time to explore the game together. You can take on quests together, gather resources, and fight enemies side by side. By working together as a team, you can tackle even the toughest battles in New World MMORPG. Moreover while exploring different regions don’t forget discussing possible tactics amongst members which might prevent failure by ensuring efficient teamwork when battling against next encounters.

In conclusion, playing with friends in New World MMORPG is a great way to have fun and enjoy this amazing MMO game. Follow these five steps mentioned above to create your Company and invite friends so they could help you complete all quests faster while having fun along the way!


As someone who is new to MMORPG games, I found this article to be very informative. The instructions are easy to understand and follow, making it less intimidating to start playing with friends. The article also highlights the different aspects of the game, which makes it more exciting to explore with friends. Great job!
Great guide for playing with friends in New World MMORPG. The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. It

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