How to Use a Controller in New World MMORPG

New World MMORPG is a new game that has been trending in the gaming world recently. It has a lot of exciting features, including the ability to use a controller to play the game. If you are new to New World and you want to try using a controller instead of your keyboard and mouse, there are a few things that you need to know.

1. Check your Controller Compatibility

Before trying anything else, it is important that you check if your controller is compatible with New World. The game supports Xbox controllers natively but for other brands like Sony or generic controllers, third-party software like DS4Windows may be needed.

2. Set Up Your Controller

The next step is setting up your controller in-game settings and mapping buttons for various actions according to your preferences. To set up your controller, follow these steps:

— Launch New World -> Click on Settings icon (gear icon near bottom left)
— In the Settings menu click on «Controls» tab
— Click on «Gamepad»
— Use drop-down menus buttons section below it as per preference

Alternatively, third-party software such as JoyToKey can be used for creating custom profiles.mHotkey etc depending upon user preference.

3. Practice with Your Controller

After setting up the controls for playing with the controller in-game will take some time getting used to after using Keyboard/Mouse before.The first few times playing might feel frustrating because it will make everything feel new again! Take some time adjusting and practicing before giving up and going back default control scheme!

Playing games with controllers requires different skills adjustments when compared to Keyboard/Mouse which require more precision/selectivity when performing an action e.g – Aiming at an enemy might seem easier now but moving around many obstacles without accidentally pressing wrong button commands is important too.So give yourself enough time till properly adapted!

In conclusion,personalized keymaps allow players their assets during gameplay i.e spare shoulder buttons will allow quicker weapon swaps alongside general ease of having all relevant hotkeys on one device.New World MMORPG players have flexibility to use whatever input method works best for them, It is strongly recommended to try using keyboard/mouse and controller both before making a decision.


I recently started playing New World and I must say that the controller feature is a game changer. It makes the game more immersive and enjoyable. The article is helpful as it reminds players to check their controller compatibility before diving into the game. Overall, I highly recommend giving New World a try with a controller.
New World MMORPG is an amazing game that offers a unique gaming experience. I am glad that the developers included the option to use a controller, as it makes the game more accessible to players who prefer controllers over keyboard and mouse. The article provides helpful tips for players who are new to using a controller in New World. I found the tip about adjusting the sensitivity of the controller very useful. Overall, I highly recommend New World with a controller.
As a long-time MMORPG player, I was skeptical about using a controller to play New World. However, after trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. The article provides useful tips for those who want to try using a controller. I appreciate the reminder to customize the controller settings to suit your playstyle. I would definitely recommend giving the controller a chance in New World.

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