Leathers in New World MMORPG

Leathers are an essential item in the New World MMORPG, and they can be used for various purposes. If you want to acquire leathers in the game, you must know where to find them and what animals drop them.

The first thing you need to do is select a gathering profession. In the New World game, there are three gathering professions: skinning, logging, and mining. To gather leather, you will need to choose the skinning profession.

Once you have selected your profession, head out into the world and look for animals that drop leather. There are several different types of animals that drop different types of leather:

1. Wolves
Wolves are one of the most common sources of leathers in New World MMORPG. They can be found all over Aeternum’s wilderness areas such as Brightwood and Everfall areas; Autumn Keep and Scorched Mines.

2. Bears
Bears also provide a good source of leather but tend to be more challenging than wolves due to their size strength as well as their tougher defenses; look around Weaver’s Fen or Mourningdale regions in Aeternum.

3. Elks
Elks drop high-quality hides that make excellent leathers if skinned properly; locate these gentle giants roaming across Ebonroot mountains or Shattered Obelisk zones located on main map screenview near South-East area.

4. Big Cats
Big cats like Panthers Pumas will test your combat skills before delivering their hides, located around Reekwater (Fenavir); Mangled Heights or even Restless Shore nearby Corsair landing spot with aggressive foes lurking while on hunting ventures time-to-time!

You can also purchase leathers from other players via trading posts or through crafting recipes’ synthesized products which require combining multiple materials- yet costlier than defeating creatures yourself

Remember that each type of animal will produce a different quality or quantity of leather. So, choose the animals wisely and don’t forget to level up your skinning profession; as with each skill level gain will come additional spawning opportunities, better quality items procure hence chance of earning more gold coins.

In conclusion, knowing where to find leathers and which animals drop them is crucial for any player who wants to be successful in New World MMORPG’s crafting system and upgrade their gaming experience simultaneously. Good luck on your next hunting trip!


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