List of Marauder Gear and Resources in New World MMORPG

In New World, gear and resources are essential for surviving and thriving in the game world. For Marauders, a faction focused on combat and strategy, it’s important to have the proper gear and resources to take on enemy factions.

Here is a list of Marauder gear and resources you should consider:

1. Weapons: Marauders rely heavily on their weapons to defeat enemies. Some of the best weapons for this faction include hatchets, muskets, swords, and war hammers.

2. Armor: To protect yourself in battles against other factions or creatures in New World, you need armor that can withstand intense damage. Look for heavy armor sets like plate mail or chain mail.

3. Ammunition: If you’re using ranged weaponry like muskets or bows as a Marauder, stock up on ammunition such as bullets or arrows.

4. Crafting Materials: While it’s possible to purchase some crafting materials from vendors throughout the game world, gathering them yourself can save you money which can be used elsewhere in your quest line.

5. Food Resources: Your character needs food to survive so it’s good to keep yourself well-fed throughout gameplay sessions; trading with other players is one option but there are also various food items that drop from monsters around Aeternum Island!

6-7. Health Potions Mana Potions : In case your character gets hurt it’s always good restore their health back! Mana potions can also come handy when struggling against forces that drain your mana reserves quickly! Make sure you keep an adequate supply of both these potions with you at all times while out exploring!

8-9-10.Gathering Tiers : Both harvesting tools (sickles/axes) along with mining picks determine gathering tiers within particular fields – Levels 1 through 5 ranging through each resource extractable respectively.- Keep upgrading these tiers using currency acquired through completing missions such as forts being taken over by your Marauder group.

11. Storage Units : To keep yourself organised and ready to head into a new adventure it’s best to have storage unit which will allow you to access resources whenever needed in order to create essentials for your hero!

Overall, as a Marauder, make sure you’re well-equipped with the right gear and resources before entering any battles or taking on quests. This list provides some of these essentials that should help keep you alive and give you the tools to succeed in New World MMORPG.


Great article! As a Marauder player, I found this guide to be very helpful. The list of weapons and armor provided is spot-on. I appreciate the emphasis on the importance of gear and resources in New World. Keep up the good work!
As a seasoned New World player, I have to say that this article is accurate and informative. The author clearly knows what they

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