List of Syndicate Gear and Resources in New World MMORPG

In New World MMORPG, Syndicate is one of the three major factions players can join. This faction values knowledge, control, and power above all else. As a member of the Syndicate faction, you will have access to unique gear and resources that are exclusive to this faction. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of Syndicate gear and resources in New World MMORPG.

1. Azoth: Azoth is an important resource in New World MMORPG as it allows players to fast travel between locations and upgrade their weapons/armor. As a member of the Syndicate, you will receive double Azoth from PvP missions.

2. Arcanist’s Gloves: These gloves increase your maximum mana pool by 10% and provide 15 intelligence.

3. Arcanist’s Shoes: These shoes increase your spell critical chance by 5% and provide 15 intelligence.

4. Arcanist’s Robe: This robe increases your maximum mana pool by 20%, provides 25 intelligence, and reduces spell casting time by 10%.

5. Blood Mage Coat: This coat increases damage against enemies afflicted with bleed by 20%. It also provides 25 focus.

6. Battle Mage Hat: This hat provides 30 focus and reduces spell cooldowns by 5%.

7. Poisoner’s Bracers: These bracers apply a poison effect on each successful hit inflicted with edged or pointed weapons such as spears or swords

8.Ranger Sash- The sash helps gain extra bow shots for few seconds before bow goes into a temporary cool down phase also gives bonus dexterity which improves lightning reflexes

9.Betrayer blade : The sword has bonus trait specifically designed for backstab situations with double scoring critical attack points.

These are some examples of Syndicate gear that players can acquire while playing New World MMORPG! Remember that each piece of gear has its own unique abilities and advantages. As a member of the Syndicate, you will have access to some of the most exclusive gear and resources in New World MMORPG. We hope this list helps you optimize your gameplay!

Additionally, Syndicate members can also access unique crafting recipes that provide some of the most powerful items in the game. These items are made with rare materials and require high crafting levels to create, but they are worth the effort.

For example, Syndicate members can craft Voidbent Armor which provides exceptional defense against physical and magical attacks. This armor is even stronger than Legendary tier weapons and it is often used by tanks in PvP battles.

Moreover, Syndicate members have access to Covenant-specific quests that award unique rewards such as special titles, decorative items for your home instance or even rare pets like wolves or other animals.

Another notable feature of the Syndicate faction is their ability to control market prices through an economic system known as «Influence». Members who participate in territory governance earn Influence points which can be spent on adjusting taxes and fees within their controlled territories. This allows them to set up profitable trading channels while also influencing supply and demand.

Finally, membership in the Syndicate grants players access to exclusive perks such as reduced costs for faction upgrades at Faction merchants around Aeternum Island.

Overall, joining the Syndicate provides players with a wealth of benefits including unique gear and resources designed specifically for this faction’s playstyle. Whether you prefer engaging enemies from range or getting up close and personal with melee weapons; there is something for everyone within their ranks!


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