Logging Leveling Guide in New World MMORPG

New World is an exciting MMORPG that allows players to explore a vast open-world filled with dangerous creatures and various challenges. As a player, one of the essential aspects of the game is logging, which involves cutting down trees for wood to create structures and items. However, some players may find it challenging to level up their logging skills in the game. Therefore, this guide aims to provide expert tips on leveling up your logging skills in New World.

The first tip for leveling up your logging skill in New World is by finding suitable trees based on your current logging level. You can use the search function in-game or consult an online resource like a Wiki page to determine which trees you can cut down at your current skill level. This process helps you avoid wasting time trying to chop down trees that yield little or no experience points towards advancing your logging ability.

The second tip for leveling up fast is by ensuring that you fully exhaust each tree’s resources when chopping them down. Ensure that you keep chopping after each wood or branch drop until «Logging Complete» appears on-screen before moving onto another tree – this ensures maximum XP gain from every single tree chopped.

It would help if you also considered joining parties with other players while cutting down logs as this can increase both efficiency and motivation since there are typically multiple targets available during group playtime activities like PVE dungeons/raids etc.

Another important aspect of leveling up one’s Logging skill effectively involves having the right tools and equipment suitable for different types of woodcutting tasks. For instance, using an axe with higher damage vs monsters will speed things up when being attacked by enemies while cutting through harder trees; taking less damage overall means more uptime spent actually harvesting instead of healing back health lost from combat dmg taken!

Lastly, make sure always check prices regarding any rare logs such as ancient oakwood– these do go fast due their rarity—to hit high-value targets quickly before they disappear rapidly within hours after being respawned since players tend to camp for waiting times.

In summary, leveling up your logging skill in New World requires patience and dedication. Finding suitable trees for your current level, fully exhausting each tree’s resources before moving on, joining groups and using proper equipment all contribute significantly to achieving higher levels as players advance. By following these tips, you’ll be able to maximize your XP gain while chopping down logs in New World MMORPG world!


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