Planks in New World MMORPG

Planks are an important resource in the popular MMORPG game known as New World. In the game, players are tasked with exploring and thriving in a dangerous, untamed land full of unknown dangers and untold treasures. One of the key aspects of success in this game is resource management, particularly when it comes to planks.

To acquire planks in New World, players must chop down trees using various tools such as hatchets or picks. The type of wood that a player chooses to harvest will determine the strength and durability of the planks they receive. Different types of woods provide different levels of resistance to damage from various environmental hazards.

Once harvested, these logs must be taken to a sawmill where they can be crafted into various items such as weapons, armor and building materials like planks. This process takes time but ultimately allows players to create precise and useful materials that cannot be found anywhere else.

The importance of acquiring high quality planks cannot be overstated in New World. Building structures is one major use for them; having pre-made shelters can provide protection from creatures or against other players’ attacks. Planks are also essential for crafting ships which allow for travel on water bodies like rivers or seas without walking all around them which may take much longer than travelling by sea.

In addition to their practical uses within gameplay mechanics though, those who collect large quantities of these items will find themselves being able to more quickly progress their player profiles making it one viable way for earning experience points throughout early hours until most quests can become too repetitive.

In conclusion, understanding how essential it is to obtain high-quality planks is critical towards your success whilst playing this adventure-driven MMORPG known as New World. With proper knowledge regarding wood types available along with having appropriate tools ready at hand you may go on an exciting journey filled with devastating adversaries beginning early stages toward shaping your own virtual empire!

Aside from the practical uses of planks, they also serve an important role in New World’s economy. Players can sell excess planks to other players or use them themselves for crafting and building their own settlements which others may visit for trade. This creates a dynamic market system where each player determines the value and price of goods based on supply and demand.

Furthermore, collecting planks can be a social experience as well. In-game guilds often coordinate harvesting expeditions where members work together to collect large quantities of wood in order to craft high-quality items or build impressive structures. These group activities not only benefit individuals but contribute towards strengthening the community aspects of this game.

Being able to efficiently harvest planks and manage them is essential towards successfully advancing through New World’s various levels. The more that players invest time into learning about resource management, taking advantage of marketplace dynamics, being part bigger communities then progress becomes quicker moving forwards through new opportunities arriving all along while creating new friendships with similar minded people enjoying same gaming experience at hand!

In conclusion, mastering the art of plank collection requires patience, preparation, skill, effective communication within communities additional commitment towards creating immersive online worlds filled with adventure opportunity fascinating journeys waiting just ahead beyond every corner encountered during playing hours always seeking depths unknown reaching faraway shores aiming ultimately becoming one most respected player characters present throughout all servers hosting world’s leading massively multiplayer online role-playing games!


As someone who is new to New World, this article was a helpful introduction to the importance of planks in the game. I appreciated the explanation of how players can acquire planks and the role they play in resource management. The article was easy to understand and provided a good foundation for further exploration of the game.
I appreciate the detail in this article about how the type of wood harvested affects the number of planks acquired. This is something that many players may not realize, and it can make a big difference in resource management. The article also highlights the danger and excitement of exploring the untamed land in New World. Well-written and informative.
This article provides a great explanation of the importance of planks in New World. As a player myself, I can attest to the fact that resource management is crucial in this game, and planks are no exception. The article also does a good job of explaining how players can acquire planks through tree chopping. Overall, a helpful read for anyone looking to improve their New World gameplay.

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