Repair Kits in New World MMORPG

New World is a popular MMORPG that has been gaining popularity among gamers around the world. One of the most important aspects of any game is the ability to repair equipment and gear. In New World, this is made easier with the use of repair kits. These kits are essential for keeping your gear in top condition so that you can continue to slay monsters, gather resources, and complete quests without hindrance.

Repair kits are available in different tiers depending on their level and quality. The higher-tiered kits tend to be more expensive but offer greater benefits such as repairing more damage or being able to work on higher-level equipment.

Players can acquire these repair kits through multiple means such as crafting them or purchasing them from vendors in-game or via trade with other players.

Crafting Repair Kits

To craft a repair kit, a player needs appropriate materials that vary depending on the desired tier of kit they wish to make. Materials like hemp fiber for lower ranks along with various metals like iron or steel ingots are required for crafting higher tiered ones.

Once all materials have been obtained, players can access their crafting menu by accessing an outpost town’s workshop facility where they will select «repair kit» from available options then upgrade which tier they want according to material availability.

Purchasing Repair Kits

Players could purchase these kits from vendors scattered around towns and trading posts around Aeternum Island using gold coins (the game’s currency) through specific transactions made in-game via NPC shops.

Trading for Repair Kits

For those who cannot afford to buy it outrightly but possess rare resources or valuable loot drops instead, one alternative way you may obtain items like repair kits is through trade with fellow players willing to part with theirs — provided they need whatever It is one possesses — creating beneficial marketplace systems between players.


Overall, Repair Kits play an important role in maintaining your weaponry and armor at its highest potential and also minimize damage taken during combat encounters. It is thus essential to get your hands on as many of them as possible, whether it be through crafting, purchasing from vendors or trading with other players to procure these crucial utilities and help you stay ahead in the game.


I really enjoyed reading this article on repair kits in New World. It is well-written and provides useful information for players who want to keep their gear in top condition. The different tiers of repair kits are explained clearly, and the article also provides tips on how to obtain them. Overall, a great article for any New World player looking to improve their gameplay.
This article is a must-read for any New World player. It provides valuable information on how to keep your gear in top condition with the use of repair kits. The different tiers of repair kits are explained in detail, making it easy for players to understand their importance. I highly recommend this article to anyone who wants to excel in New World.
I found this article very informative and helpful. As a player of New World, I can confirm that repair kits are essential to keep your gear in top condition. The article does a great job of explaining the different tiers of repair kits and their importance in the game. Overall, a great read for any New World player.

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