Smelter in New World MMORPG

The Smelter is one of the most important crafting stations in New World, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Amazon Game Studios. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Smelter in New World MMORPG.

What is a Smelter?

A smelter is a crafting station used for refining raw ore into usable ingots. This process involves melting down the raw material and extracting impurities to create pure metal form. The Smelter can be found throughout Aeternum, the game’s fictional continent with locations suitable for mining ores and other materials.

How to Use the Smelter

Using a smelter in New World MMORPG requires players to have some materials, including fuel and ore. The good news is that fuel like charcoal and wood can be obtained easily by harvesting trees or buying from merchants that sell as an NPC located at settlements across Aeternum.

To use a smelter, approach it with your materials in-hand then access its menu by pressing E on your keyboard or selecting it from your inventory screen. Once inside this menu screen, players can choose what type of ingots they want to craft based on what type(s) of ore they have available.

Crafting Ingots

Ingots are refined metals that players use to craft many essential items such as weapons and armor pieces through different types of crafting stations found throughout Aeternum. They come in different qualities: common, uncommon; rare; epic; legendary — all with their unique stats and properties.

Types Of Ingots

New World has five types of ingot used in creating weapons armors: Iron (very common), Steel (uncommon), Elemental (rare), Star Metal (epic), Orichalcum (legendary). Each level requires higher-level base resources such as iron requiring stone tools while steel needs iron tools — something worth considering when making plans for resource acquisitions at different stages of gameplay.

The Smelter in Crafting

By using the Smelter to convert ores into ingots, players can take their first step in crafting resources needed to make high-quality gear items. It is worth noting that higher-level items require higher-level ingots, and the rarest ones require rare natural resources like Star Metal originating from space debris or Orichalcum found only in specific regions guarded by strong monsters — this cutthroat competition leads us to next section.

Competition and Conflict around Smelter Stations

These scarce deposits of valuable materials often breed contention among players competing for limited supplies at critical mining nodes scattered across Aeternum. Players will have different motivations for contesting each node, from gaining essential resources not available elsewhere to sabotaging others’ efforts — making PvP one of the most popular features in New World MMORPG.


In conclusion, the smelter is a crucial station for refining raw ores into usable ingots needed for crafting high-quality weapons and armor pieces. While using it may seem simple, obtaining materials is where strategy comes into play due to competition’s intense nature around critical material gathering areas. Players must decide whether they want a peaceful path or fight their way through conflicts over smelters with other guilds trying to claim these scarce but vital mining zones themselves. As you progress toward end-game content by mastering various tradeskills required – including refining at a smelter may be your ultimate key victory!


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