Starmetal in New World MMORPG

Starmetal in New World MMORPG is one of the rarest materials found in the game. This precious metal is used to craft some of the most powerful weapons and armor that players can use during their adventures. In this article, we will discuss everything about Starmetal, including its properties, where to find it, how to mine it, and what items you can craft with it.


Starmetal has unique properties that make it highly sought after by players. It has a distinct blue color when seen in its refined form. It is known for its high durability and ability to hold enchantments better than any other material in the game.

Where to find:

To obtain Starmetal ore or ingots, you must first reach level 150 mining skill. After reaching this level, players can find Starmetal veins randomly scattered throughout Aeternum’s different locations. These veins are rare compared to other minerals and often require long hikes through dangerous terrain.

How to mine:

Mining Starmetal requires a specific tool called a Starmetal Pickaxe. This pickaxe cannot be crafted but obtained only as loot drops from Corrupted Portals or Myrk Guard Towers located on elite strongholds across Aeternum map. Once you have acquired the pickaxe and have reached level 150 mining skill required for mining star metal vein nodes; locate the Star Metal Vein nodes with blue-crystal-like appearances on higher mountain areas within maps like Edengrove Great Cleave; then strike them with your newly-obtained star metal pickaxe until they break down into starmetal shards that you can gather from each vein node using ‘E’ key.

Crafting items:

The most valuable items that can be crafted out of starmetal include Sword of Tolvium (One-handed sword), Star Metal Shield (Shield), War Hammer (Two-handed hammer), Tuning Orb (Azerite infusion orb), and a few others. These pieces are powerful and will give any player a significant advantage as they venture out into Aeternum’s more dangerous regions.

In conclusion, Starmetal in New World MMORPG is one of the most desirable materials for players because of its unique properties and its ability to craft powerful equipment. Players must have a high mining skill level as well as dedicated effort to reach elite strongholds on the game’s map for acquiring star metal pickaxe before they can harvest this precious ore found only on mountainous areas. However, it is worth the investment because the rewards that come with obtaining starmetal far outweigh any difficulty in finding or acquiring it.


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