Sword Shield in New World MMORPG

Sword Shield in New World MMORPG

New World is an exciting massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that puts you in the heart of a mysterious land filled with danger and adventure. One of the many features of this game is the ability to choose from various weapons and playstyles, with sword and shield being one popular combination.

The sword shield build is an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing tank characters. With this build, players can take on multiple enemies at once while protecting their allies or themselves using their shield. The sword also provides a quick attack style, allowing players to quickly close distances with enemies and perform quick attacks before retreating behind their shield.

In combat situations, players can use the sword’s strong wide-sweeps to hit multiple enemies at once, dealing significant damage while staying safe behind their shield. The defense offered by the shield also allows players to resist powerful enemy attacks without taking much damage themselves.

One unique aspect of using a sword shield build in New World is that it enables you to participate actively in group combat situations such as boss fights or dungeon runs where tanks are needed to protect other team members from heavy enemy attacks while dealing consistent melee damage.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that each weapon type offers different benefits and drawbacks depending on your preferred playstyle. Players should try different combinations to find out what works best for them.

In conclusion, Sword Shield is an excellent combination for those who love playing tank characters in New World MMORPG. This build provides high defensive capabilities through shields alongside quick strikes via swords which make it versatile both solo or group-based settings. So grab your swords and shields; adventure awaits!

Aside from its defensive capabilities, the sword shield build also offers impressive offensive abilities. The sword can be used to deliver powerful strikes that can deal critical damage to enemies and cause them to stagger, creating an opening for follow-up attacks or strategic retreats behind the safety of the shield.

To fully master the sword shield build in New World, players need to learn how to time their attacks and blocks perfectly. Overusing your shield will leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks when your guard is down, while neglecting it too often will make you susceptible to heavy damage.

There are various skills and perks that players can acquire as they progress through levels which enhance their performance with a sword shield-based playstyle. For instance, some skill trees offer bonuses such as improved blocking accuracy or additional elemental damage on weapon strikes.

Moreover, different types of shields varying in size and durability are available for use across a range of situations found within New World’s world map like fighting bosses or skeletons guarding hidden treasures deep into dungeons filled with predators.

In conclusion, mastering the sword shield combination in New World MMORPG requires not only practicing effective use but also investing time into learning different skills while experimenting with unique combinations of perks on equipment modifications available at crafting stations throughout Aeternum. With this build at hand ready for action backed up by dedicated practice comes unmatched power and anticipation for adventure in every corner where danger might lurk around!


I love playing as a tank character and the sword and shield build in New World is amazing. It allows me to take on multiple enemies at once and protect my team. The sword and shield combo is also great for blocking and parrying attacks. Overall, I highly recommend this build for anyone who wants to play as a tank in New World.
I recently started playing New World and decided to try out the sword and shield build. It
The sword and shield build in New World is not only great for tanking, but it also allows for some offensive capabilities. The sword can deal decent damage while the shield can stun and knock back enemies. It

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