Tannery in New World MMORPG

In the popular online game called New World, players are able to explore a sprawling virtual world filled with various terrains, creatures and adventures. One of the key features of this MMORPG is its crafting system, which allows players to gather resources from the environment in order to create useful items and gear for themselves or to sell on the marketplace.

One important aspect of crafting in New World is leatherworking, which involves processing animal hides into leather for use in creating armor, bags and other items. In order to do this efficiently, players must build a tannery within their designated settlement.

A tannery is a specialized building that includes tools and equipment needed for leatherworking such as vats for soaking hides in chemicals and stretching racks. Building one requires certain resources like lumber, stone and metal parts which can be found throughout the game world or purchased from other players through trading.

Once constructed, players are able to process animal hides collected from hunting wildlife across New World into different grades of leather by using various chemical processes. Different types of animals yield different grades of hides — some being rare or harder to get than others — so finding specialized areas with preferred prey can give crafters an advantage over their competitors.

The best quality leathers require a lot more time spent processing them but also yield better results when it comes time make final gear such as armor sets though producing inferior quality may be enough initially just starting out as its easier grade construct that will upgrade later on. As most things within New World have durability constraints put on them so there always markets even lower tier equipment need replacing frequently along with new characters requiring basic gear / bag upgrades.

Overall,a tannery is an essential component for avid crafters who want access high-quality leathers necessary produce exceptional armour sets used compete dynamic environment against player controlled towns forts however more casual gamers may still find it useful construct novice tier stations increasing abilities too survive increased challenges provide further opportunities within game market economy.

In addition to processing hides, owning a tannery in New World also allows players to produce other useful items such as leather bags which can increase inventory space or be sold for profit. Players can also use their tannery to create different dyes and pigments that are necessary for dyeing leather armor and other gear.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter increasingly difficult challenges that require stronger armor sets with higher defenses. By having access to a tannery, crafters are able to reliably produce high-quality leathers needed for these crucial upgrades.

Aside from being an essential feature of crafting within the game, building a tannery is also an investment in the settlement economy system of New World. Settlers who utilize their resources to construct important buildings like tanneries will attract more merchants and traders who can bring valuable goods into town.

Overall, while New World offers a vast array of activities and adventures, crafting remains one of its most vital components. Building a functional tannery provides those determined crafters with access quality leathers whilst at same time contributing much needed commerce too local community making them integral component thriving MMOG virtual experience dictated by player interactions cooperation.


New World
I love the attention to detail in the crafting system of New World. The leatherworking process is realistic and adds to the immersion of the game. It
As a fan of MMORPGs, I was excited to try out New World and I was not disappointed. The crafting system, especially the leatherworking aspect, is really well done. It

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