Timeless Shards Guide in New World MMORPG

Timeless Shards are one of the most valuable resources in New World MMORPG. These rare items are essential for crafting endgame gear and weapons, as well as for upgrading high-tier equipment. In this guide, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about Timeless Shards in New World.

What are Timeless Shards?

Timeless Shards are rare crafting materials that can be obtained by dismantling high-quality equipment, completing certain quests or defeating powerful monsters. They cannot be traded or sold to other players, making them even more valuable.

How to Obtain Timeless Shards?

Dismantling High-Quality Equipment — Players can obtain Timeless Shards by dismantling high-end gear or weapons. This means that they should focus on acquiring items with excellent qualities such as Unique or legendary attributes so they can disassemble them into the desired shards.

Completing Quests — Some quests in New World MMORPG will reward players with different types of Timeless shards upon completion as quest rewards.

Defeating Powerful Monsters — Certain monsters drop certain types of timeless shards when defeated — usually more challenging monsters appearing at end-game areas and dungeons offer higher-grade timeless chest loot which rewards shard drops.

Types of Timeless Shard

There are five types of timeless shards currently available in New World MMORPG: Arcane Crystal Shard, Corrupted Crystal Shard, Enchanted Crystal Shard, Glimmering Crystal Shard and Resilient Crystal Shard. Each type has its own specific purpose when it comes to crafting and upgrading equipment:

— Arcane Crystal shard is used for enchanting jewelry pieces
— Corrupted Crystal shard is utilized in repairing corrupted armor pieces
— Enchanted crystal shard is used patterns for create magical items
— Glimmering crystal shard increases stability during weapon upgrades.
— Lastly Resilient crystal shares contribute towards protection improvements after upgrade.

Value of Timeless Shards

Timeless Shards are one of the most valuable resources in New World MMORPG. They are considered essential for crafting high-end equipment, weapons, and upgrading gear to reach higher tiers. Players can also use them to purchase unique titles and cosmetic items.


In summary, Timeless Shards are an essential resource in New World MMORPG for crafting high-end gear, weapons, and upgrading existing equipment. By dismantling high-quality equipment or completing quests that offer specific rewards players can obtain these rare materials which shouldn’t be wasted unjustly due to their scarcity within the game world. Be mindful of its usage to progress more efficiently through the game or trade it with fellow players in return for other scarce resources or it’s worth gold value!


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