Tool Types in New World MMORPG

New World MMORPG is a highly anticipated game that takes players to a fictional world called Aeternum. As with any MMORPG, players will have access to an array of tools that they can use to explore the world, gather resources and craft items. In this article, we will discuss the various tool types available in New World.

1. Gathering Tools

Gathering tools are essential in New World as they allow players to collect resources such as wood, stone, ore and herbs from the world around them. There are four primary gathering tools — axe for chopping trees and harvesting bushels, pickaxe for mining ores and mineral deposits, skinning knife for harvesting animal meat and hides and lastly the sickle which is used for gathering herbs.

2. Weapons

Combat is a significant aspect of New World gameplay; hence, there are several weapon types such as swords,maces,bows,musket,spear shield etc., each with its unique characteristics.There are no locked-in spells or skill trees preventing experimentation through combat style preference.

3. Crafting Tools

Crafting plays an essential role in New World by allowing players to create valuable items that help them progress through the game more efficiently.To craft these items ,though player first needs all necessary resources .However one must need some crafting tool like a smelter,yard etc depending on which item you decide to craft .

4. Fishing Rods

Apart from combatant life,in New world fishing can be considered as an alternate career where player’s need a fishing rod/line(lure) whose quality would determine what kind of fishes one may able catch.The better quality your equipment has higher rare fishes you might catch while dangling it either on coast or deep water bodies like rivers,lakes etc .

5.Trade goods harvester

Trade Goods harvester or Tradepack is new addition if you compare NWW with other MMORPGs.A Trade Pack (which could be something like a cart or bags placed over horses) will allow players to move a considerable amount of goods between regions for trading. This type of tool always acts as an unexpected item in your inventory .

In conclusion, New World establishes its own style by balancing familiar mechanics in previous MMORPGs with new features within the map and gameplay. This balance allows exploration and experimentation that encourages players to keep exploring throughout the game, which makes it appealing for both seasoned and new gamers alike. The community of New world is growing each day as more people discover this fascinating land full of dangerous places, hidden treasures and unique tools.Features like crafting,selling,pvp wars showcases every aspect we longed dreamed about having ownership inside the video games we play .


I am really excited about the New World MMORPG after reading this article. The gathering tools sound like they will be very useful for exploring and collecting resources. I can
The crafting system in New World sounds very interesting. I like that players will have to collect specific resources and use different types of crafting stations to create items. It sounds like there will be a lot of depth to the crafting system, which is something I always enjoy in MMORPGs.
I appreciate that this article gave a detailed overview of the different types of tools available in New World. It

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