Weapon Builds in New World MMORPG

New World is an MMORPG game that takes place in a fictionalized version of the American continent, where players can choose their character, craft weapons and armor, and engage in battles with monsters or other players. One of the most critical aspects of gameplay is weapon building. Here are some tips on creating efficient weapon builds in New World.

1. Choose your weapon type wisely (13 words)

New World offers multiple types of weapons, such as bows, swords, hammers, axes and more. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses when used against specific enemies or situations; therefore it’s essential to study these carefully before selecting which type best fits your playstyle.

2. Experiment with different combinations (26 words)

Once you have selected your preferred weapon type for combat purposes, try taking advantage of other gear options available! You can experiment with perks on different pieces of clothing/armor to combo stats with what gets boosted by what for ultimate devastation!

3. Prioritize certain perks when crafting (39 words)

When crafting gear that will complement your chosen weapon build optimally consider prioritizing certain perks like ‘Cooldown Reduction,’ «Critical Damage,» etc., as they differ based on each individual class – e.g., an archer might prioritize agility-boosting stats on gear since she/he needs to run around fast all the time!

4. Know your role (52 words)

In New World MMORPG battles include complex decision-making aspects regarding formation strategy between allies. Therefore it’s essential not only just know what others are doing but also know yourself deeply so you may fill specialized roles within team units effectively — aiming well from afar iff necessary holding frontlines as a tank utilizing special spells properly-healed- boss-mobs.

5. Use Amulets to customize build even further (68 words)

Taking into consideration the above points along with knowing all about amulets’ customization potential makes both ends meet effectively while designing a complete and efficient build. Whether it be boosting critical hit chance or additional abilities, amulets can make a significant impact on your playstyle.

In conclusion, New World MMORPG offers players the freedom to explore and experiment with multiple weapon types while prioritizing certain perks that will complement their class. Remembering every tip given above regarding gear crafting, combo stats boosting from gear and amulet customizations carefully sourced-out will help in leveling up gameplay.


I found the tips on weapon perks and attributes particularly helpful. The article is well-written and easy to understand.
As a new player to New World, this article provided me with valuable insights on how to create an efficient weapon build. Highly recommend it to anyone starting out!
Great article with useful tips on weapon building in New World. Choosing the right weapon type is crucial, and this article explains it well.

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