Weapon Tier List in New World MMORPG

When playing New World MMORPG, it is important to choose the right weapon based on your playstyle and gameplay preferences. In this article, we will discuss the different weapons available in the game and rank them based on their efficiency and usefulness.

1. Great Axe: The Great Axe is considered one of the best weapons in New World. It has high damage output, especially when used in combination with skills such as Reap and Gravity Well. It also has a heavy attack that inflicts a lot of damage, making it an ideal choice for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

2. Hatchet: The Hatchet is another powerful weapon that deals significant amounts of damage to enemies. It can be used alone or in combination with other weapons such as the Bow or Musket for long-range attacks.

3. Sword and Shield: The Sword and Shield combo offers a great balance between offense and defense, making it a perfect choice for players who prefer tanking roles in group events such as Raids or Expeditions.

4. Spear: The Spear offers decent range attacks while providing good mobility to dodge enemy attacks.The spear also has powerful abilities like Javelin throw that allows you to play ranged DPS during fights

5 .Musket: Musket provides unmatched range but requires skill accuracy skill to land consistent hits since enemies can easily dodge incoming shots.The long reload time can be frustrating but well worth iit if you are able land consecutive headshots which deal massive damage

6.Bow:The bow allows players to attack from stealth which makes it easier for them manoeuvre around their opponent.Other usefull abilites include Poison Arrow which damages over time ,Sticky Bomb Arrow which traps enemies,it also deals decent amount of ranged dps

Ultimately,in oder make your way through Aeternum successfully,it’s recommended to give different combinations of weapons trying out several builds until you find what works best for your specific playstyle.

7. Fire Staff: The Fire Staff is a great choice for players who prefer dealing damage from afar. It has powerful AoE abilities that can take out multiple enemies at once, making it ideal for group encounters.

8. Ice Gauntlet: The Ice Gauntlet offers an interesting balance between offense and defense, allowing players to freeze enemies in place while also dealing significant amounts of damage.

9. Life Staff: The Life Staff is the primary healing weapon in New World, making it a must-have for support players who want to keep their allies alive during battles.

10. War Hammer: The War Hammer offers incredible crowd control capabilities when used correctly, providing players with the ability to stun or knock back large groups of enemies at once.

11. Rapier: The Rapier is designed for fast-paced combat, allowing players to perform quick attacks and dodge incoming enemy attacks with ease.

12. Shield and Spear: Similar to the Sword and Shield combo, this combination offers excellent defensive capabilities while still being capable of inflicting decent amounts of damage on opponents.

Overall, each weapon has its unique strengths and weaknesses depending on your gameplay style preferences.Therefore picking one not only depends on its tier power level , but also how you intend on playing New World given that every player handles things differently . You should test them all until you find which works best for your particular playstyle so that you can enjoy defeating Aeternum’s fearsome challenges!


I completely agree with the article
Overall, I found this article to be very helpful in understanding the different weapons available in New World. The ranking of the weapons based on their efficiency and usefulness was particularly useful. However, I would have liked to see more information on the playstyle and gameplay preferences that each weapon is best suited for. This would have helped me choose the right weapon based on my own preferences.
I found this article very informative and helpful. As a new player to New World, I was struggling to choose the right weapon for my playstyle. The article provided a clear and concise overview of each weapon and their strengths and weaknesses. I particularly appreciated the ranking of the weapons based on their efficiency and usefulness. This will definitely help me in making an informed decision on which weapon to choose.

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