Weaponsmithing Leveling Guide in New World MMORPG

If you’re playing New World MMORPG and want to specialize in the weaponsmithing trade, this leveling guide is for you. Here’s what you need to know about leveling up your weaponsmithing skill:

1. Understanding Weaponsmithing:
Weaponsmithing is one of the crafting skills in New World that focuses on creating melee weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, and spears. As a weaponsmith, your goal will be to craft powerful weapons that can give an advantage when facing tough enemies or competitors.

2. Collect Resources:
The most important step is gathering resources for crafting. In the early game levels (1-50), start grinding faction quests like Syndicate Covenant because they usually award Iron Ore and other valuable materials like timber for free.

3. Crafting Stations:
Next step would be setting up a workshop where you can do crafting related jobs . Weaponscraft stations are located throughout the world of Aeternum and provide access to different weapon recipes based on their level of quality.

4. Refining Materials:
Once gathering resources from farming locations (Ingots/Ores)we start utilizing refining stations to refine raw materials into simple parts : Basic Components —> Intermediate components —> Advanced components—> Imbued Components

5.Craft What You Need:
Once having enough material , looking into star rating system which provides indication towards difficulty level involved with each crafting item.By making sturdy goods with high ratings , getting experience points that help leveling up quickly.

6.Turn in Completed Work Orders
From time-to-time collect work orders from Faction Rep vendors as work orders also are known as daily contracts.Since they greatly reward players experience points , gold coins by exchanging earned currency for recipes or higher teirs.Do view cargo hold regularly also expect faction rewards at least once per day.

By following these steps carefully,you can easily level up your weaponsmithing skill fastly effectively making a name among all tradesmenn of the Aeternum.

7. Focus on High-Demand Items:
In addition to crafting what you need, it’s a good idea to focus on high-demand items that other players may be looking for. This includes weapons like swords and spears, but also tools like hatchets and pickaxes.

8. Use the Trading Post:
The trading post is a great place to sell your crafted goods and make some easy money in the process. Make sure you’re selling items at a competitive price while still making a profit.

9. Level up Related Skills:
If you want to become an expert weaponsmith, it’s important to level up related skills as well such as mining if you can gather ores yourself ,jewelcrafting,and arcana which basically cater from start till end-game level so keep leveling-up simultaneously .

10. Join A Community or Guild:
Joining communities not only help in socializing with fellow factions but also guides towards corelses new crafting spots /timings and merchant events happening globally.Also helps learning about hidden details within game play such as quests or techniques.Not just these guild mates even strengthen protection areas over-riding potential threats whenever necessary.A true clan makes life easier we all know!

11.Recognize The Importance of Quality :
It is extremely important that one doesn’t compromise upon quality.Generally higher Star rating equates better grades.Thus effort put must reflect this mentality by utilising higher tier materials devices!


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