Where To Find Life Motes in New World MMORPG

If you’re playing New World MMORPG, you’re probably searching for Life Motes. These are vital resources that can be used for various crafting recipes and upgrading stations in the game. Luckily, there are many places where you can find them.

One of the best places to look for Life Motes is in harvested nodes. Gather resources such as Hemp, Iron Ore, or Wood and wait for respawn. When these nodes respawn after a few minutes, they have a chance to drop one or more Life Motes.

Another great place to check out is around bodies of water like rivers or lakes. Look out for clusters of plants growing near riversides and water bodies such as Water Lily Pads and Water Hyacinths, which often drop Life Motes when harvested using your gathering tools.

In addition to harvesting standard nodes and resource-rich locations around waterbodies note that some specific locations specifically contain many life motes than usual like First Light Settlements’s — Weavers Fen location from two big trees where massive amounts of violet flowers grow under them that provide almost guaranteed life motes if they respawn.

If you’re not having luck finding Life Motes through gathering only head over to buy it from trading post portals -> Refining Materials tab where people most likely put up extra materials that they do not need at reasonable prices.

To sum up if you’re looking out for these valuable resources the best place is any ample resource node nearby waterbodies or check trading post portals regularly where people often put materials up at discounted rates!

Another strategy to find Life Motes is through quests and looting. Some quests in New World require you to gather these resources or have them as a reward, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. You can also try your luck looting from chests or defeating monsters, especially those that are associated with the Nature element.

In addition, certain territories and zones may have a higher chance of spawning Life Motes due to their ecosystem and biome. Make sure to explore different areas of the map and take note of which regions yield the most results.

Once you have acquired enough Life Motes, make sure to use them wisely in crafting recipes such as dyes, salves, and potions. They can also be used to upgrade various stations like the Refining Station or Cooking Station.

Overall, finding Life Motes requires some patience and exploration but definitely pays off in the long run with its versatility in crafting recipes and station upgrades. Keep on gathering!


This article was a great read and I learned a lot about finding Life Motes in New World MMORPG. I had no idea that these resources could be used for upgrading stations in the game. The tip about waiting for respawn after harvesting nodes was particularly helpful. I will definitely be using these tips in my future gameplay sessions. Thanks for sharing!
I completely agree with the author that harvested nodes are a great place to find Life Motes. I have been playing New World MMORPG for a while now and have found that this is one of the most reliable ways to get Life Motes. I also appreciate that the author mentioned that Life Motes are vital resources in the game. This is a point that cannot be stressed enough.
I found this article to be very informative and helpful. As a player of New World MMORPG, I have been struggling to find Life Motes and this article provided me with some great tips. The suggestion to look for Life Motes in harvested nodes was particularly useful. I will definitely be trying this out in my next gameplay session.

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