Where To Find Wyrdwood in New World MMORPG

Wyrdwood is a crucial crafting material in New World MMORPG that players need to gather in order to progress through the game. It is used for various purposes including weapons, tools, and armor crafting. In this article, we will explore where to find Wyrdwood in New World.

First and foremost, Wyrdwood can be found in certain regions of Aeternum within the game world. One such region where Wyrdwood is abundant is the Windsward.

Players should look for forested areas with tall trees as these are likely to have more Wyrdwood than other areas of Aeternum. Once you locate an area with lots of large trees look for small bushes on the ground containing short sticks growing on them which can also be gathered along with Wyrdwood trees.

The best way to gather large amounts of this resource quickly is by using a high-level axe tool that has efficient gathering capabilities. Keep your eyes open for any lootable boxes or resources located near these trees because some may contain other types of materials like Iron Ore or Leather Scraps.

Additionally, players can increase their chances of collecting more Wyrdwood by joining a company (guild) who will assist them in gathering this valuable resource from their shared territories.

It’s important to note that different regions may yield different types and quantities of resources so don’t stay focused solely on one area if you are looking for specific drops such as Wyrrdwoods. Try exploring new locations frequently as there are many hidden bits throughout Aeternum’s vast wilderness network like trading posts and hidden enemies too!

In conclusion, finding Wyrrdwoods not a difficult task but it requires patience and some exploration around regions with dense forests! Keep an eye out whilst exploring everything from rare mobs hiding among clusters full thicket thick bushes until reaching remote settlements scattered across every corner all over Aeturnum!

Wyrdwood is a very important resource in New World and players must gather as much of it as they can to progress through the game. In addition to Windsward, there are many other regions in Aeternum where Wyrdwood can be found.

For instance, another region where you might come across plenty of Wyrdwood is the Everfall. This region has a rich variety of forested areas with many tall trees that provide an abundant supply of this valuable material.

While exploring different regions looking for Wyrdwood, keep your eyes open for landmarks and points of interest scattered throughout the game world. These locations often contain valuable resources such as hidden treasure chests or rare spawns that can drop rare items or even more Wyrdwood!

When gathering more advanced resources like this one, players should also be aware that certain tools will greatly increase their efficiency at doing so. Often referred to as «Harvesting Tools» within New World MMORPG, using specialized types of hatchets may help greatly speed up gathering endeavours and make collecting materials less tedious overall.

Lastly but certainly not least importantly- always think ahead when embarking on new journeys into unknown lands! Make sure to carry enough food supplies or potions so you don’t run out during long adventures trekking through uncharted territory full unpredictable dangers waring any unwary souls who dare enter these wilds without adequate preparation skills already developed by hard-won experience!


As an experienced player of New World, I can confirm that the information provided in this article is accurate. Wyrdwood is indeed a crucial crafting material in the game, and it can be quite challenging to find. The author does an excellent job of explaining where to look for it and what to expect when gathering it. I would definitely recommend this article to anyone who is struggling to find Wyrdwood.
Great guide on finding Wyrdwood in New World! The article is well-written and informative. The author provides clear instructions on where to find this crafting material, which is very helpful for players who are new to the game. I appreciate the emphasis on looking for forested areas with tall trees, as this will save players a lot of time and effort.
I found this article to be very helpful and informative. The author provides detailed information on where to find Wyrdwood in New World, which is essential for players who want to progress through the game. I also appreciate the tips on how to gather Wyrdwood efficiently, such as using a higher tier axe. Overall, this is a great guide for anyone who wants to master the art of gathering Wyrdwood.

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